Tactical analysis published on OOTB.

I was busy last week publishing some tactical analysis on Outsideoftheboot.com website. For this reason, I have not been able to publish anything on my blog.

But no need to worry. I have linked all the three articles written by me for OOTB. Read, share and comment. If you have any opinions, counter arguments to what I have written in the articles, then please feel completely free to discuss with me.

Before going over to the article links, thanks for following me and reading my articles.

First article:

Copa America 2016 Tactical Analysis: Colombia 0-2 Chile | Chile’s defensive weakness exposed in its dull win over Colombia.

Here I have focused on the defensive flaws of Chile that were exposed by the directness of Colombia. I have mentioned how Chile, with the use of two wingbacks on the right wing, confused Colombia.

Second article:

Euro 2016 Tactical Analysis: Croatia 0-1 Portugal (AET) | Dark horses crash out of the tournament.

Portugal’s 4-4-2 diamond and defending intrigued me, especially the way Luka Modric was contained. Croatia’s lack of creativity and improper usage of players in the playing system has also been discussed.

Third article:

Euro 2016 Tactical Analysis: England 1 – Iceland 2 | Tactically disciplined Iceland kicks England out of Europe.

My latest piece. I have written about Iceland’s narrow attacking shape, ball near compaction, and England’s poor positional structure.

That is all. Watch this space for more. Keep reading my blog.



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